Online Gaming – Understanding the Rules of Backgammon

Backgammon is an intensive, exciting two-player game that is very common in online casinos. This is one of the betting games that rich gentlemen experience in their private clubs as well as gaming rooms. More so, the game has experienced a surge in popularity among regular masses of people after it made its way to more convenient and less costly online gaming sites.

The online game, while best played by two individuals, is fascinating. Like other online games, whoever triumphs is partly dictated by chance. Also, an experienced player who understands various tactics stands an immeasurable chance of winning.

Hence, for beginners who wish to master the rules of winning or losing the game at 918kiss, below are some tips.

  1. Mastering how checkers move

You need to study how checkers can move while playing. Also, have several smart checker moves ready and understand which checker moves are permitted on 918kiss Malaysia. Some are;

– Numbers thrown on every dice compares to two distinct checker moves

– A player can opt to play the total of the dice roll numbers to move a single checker or to play two separate checkers for the equal number result of each dice

A checker may be turned to any spot within the board which comprises a player’s checkers or to a point with no more than one opponent checker occupying it

-By rolling the doubles, a player can then double the amounts indicated by either moving a single checker in spaces totaling the increased number, moving two checkers two times the areas on each dice.

  1. Understanding points

These are the laws of backgammon board concerning points are;

-A point with more than two player’s checkers is referred to as an “owned” or “made” board and can’t be filled by a checker from the rival player

– A layer can place as many checkers as they wish in one spot until its full

-Two or more consecutive points are referred to as a “prime” which is a beneficial strategy

-Six successive points are known as “full prime” and this traps all other checkers behind until it is broken

  1. Blots and the bar

A blot is any single checker occupying a point. When a player’s blot is removed from a spot when an opposing checker is located on the same spot, the move is referred o a hit. The removed checker is placed on the bar separating both the inner as well as the outer boards. Also, a checker in the bar stays out of play until it can re-enter the opponent’s board.

  1. Finishing with the bear off

Finishing happens when at least 15 of a player’s checkers gets to the home board and begins removing his/her checkers from it. Also, the initial player to bear off 15 of his checkers wins the game.

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