What are esports, and should you care?

Most people can’t even comprehend how big the esports industry is. For most of us, playing video games is just a way to escape from the real world and receive stress for a bit. But for others, esports is a way of life or even their actual job. There are streaming services and live events that turn some casual gamers into stars making six to seven figures. So, what is this industry all about? We will dive into this world below.

What are esports?

You can say that esports is a world of competitive video gaming. These competitions are well organized and watched by fans from all over the world. They also come together in stadiums to watch games go down. It may be hard to grasp, but traditional sports leagues at its highest levels, like NFL, NBA and FIFA function similarly as the esports league. There are fans who enjoy watching, brands sponsoring games and gamers, they even have drafts like traditional sports have.

It is a fast-growing scene. Most viewers are from North America, South Korea and China. Simply put, esports are like regular sports championships but online with different video games. American colleges have even recognized esports, and colleges now put prize money towards scholarships for the winners.

There is a lot of money involved coming from sponsorships, memberships and championships. The more people play and watch games, the more the industry will grow. Tournaments can boast millions of dollars in prize money. Typically, this money is being split between the players of the teams. Organizers and teams also benefit from livestreams and tournaments, as ticket sales can generate millions of dollars, as well.

Difference between gaming and esports

Though, often used interchangeably, there are a few differences between gaming and esports. Gaming is a board term for basically any video game you play for fun. Obviously, it gets competitive between you and your friends or online rivals. However, there usually isn’t much of a risk involved. Esports focuses on the competitive video gaming. With esports, there is always something at stake.

Esports versus real life sports

You can follow, watch and stream both of them online. Which one should you pick, though? Or should you follow both? It all comes down to what you enjoy watching. Online, you can watch Betfinal sports from the comfort of your own home. If you aren’t much of an actual sports fan, but you enjoy watching games like Call of Duty or Dots 2, watching esports online could be the choice for you.

Though, for many of us, nothing can beat the feeling of being in an actual stadium while the crowd goes wild after an intense game. There is something about being together, cheering on your favorite team.

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